Virtual Learning Resource Hub

Given the virtual format of the Fall semester, we’ve collected the following pages and tools that you may find helpful in the academic environment

Weingarten’s Office of Learning Resources

Weingarten’s Office of Learning Resources offers support for success in online learning, in the form of quick tips, resources, and the option for individual consultation with one of their Learning Instructors. 

Penn Online Learning Initiative

The Penn Online Learning Initiative serves as a nexus for information about online learning across the university. To that end, it is a conduit to information and resources to help students, faculty, and staff incorporate new strategies to make the most of the virtual environment. 

Tutor @ Wharton (and/or general resources page)

Tutor@Wharton is an online platform that connects interested students with experienced Wharton MBA and PhD student tutors, or any core class.

WCIT Remote IT Support

Wharton Computing provides several articles on how to make the most of your virtual coursework/presentation/exams/labs. These articles focus on different platforms used daily as well as troubleshooting. You can also find more information from the University’s central page focused on remote support.

Wharton Communication Program Tips

WHCP Videoconference Guidelines and Virtual Engagement Best Practices provide helpful tips to successfully communicate within this virtual context. Both documents were created by the Wharton Communication Program as a response to the growing concern of best practices in this new setting.