Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Award

The Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Award is awarded annually to the one faculty member “who has exemplified outstanding teaching quality during the last year.” A list of nominees is generated through a vote by the MBA student body and nominations from the academic departments. The Anvil Award Selection Committee, comprised of student leaders, administrators and past Anvil Award winners, selects the recipient. The award is presented to the winner during the Honor’s reception at the start of the Fall semester, and the winner is recognized in the MBA Graduation Program.

Academic Year Awardee
2018 Emil Pitkin
2017 Pete Fader
2016 Cade Massey
2015 Eric Bradlow
2014 Michael Sinkinson
2013 Joseph Simmons
2012 Christian Terweisch
2011 Robert Stine
2010 Nicolaj Siggelkow
2009 Brian Bushee
2008 Matthew White
2007 Mary O’Sullivan
2006 Asuka Nakahara
2005 Jeremy Siegel
2004 Sean Nicolson
2003 Paul Kleindorfer
2002 Felix Oberholzer-Gee
2001 Robert Inman
2000 Karl Ulrich
1999 H. Franklin Allen
1998 Philip Berger
1997 Richard Waterman