Group Study Room and Conference Room Policy

Use of the rooms is reserved for groups only. Single individuals using a room (even with a reservation) will be asked to leave if a group wishes to use the room.

Secure a Room

Flexible Scheduling Options

  • You can schedule rooms for a total of 90 future minutes (in 30-minute increments). You can reserve a room for one 90-minute slot, one 60-minute slot and one 30-minute slot, or three 30-minute slots. The scheduling system has been configured to allow you to easily see which rooms are open on your requested time.

Use It or Lose It (and make it available to others)

  • Groups who have reserved a room must show up within 10 minutes of their scheduled time. If they don’t, they can lose their room reservation to another group which now can “appropriate” any empty room. (See the next item.)

Instant “On-Site” Booking of Open Rooms

If a Group Study Room is empty (either because it isn’t currently reserved or because the group that reserved it failed to show up), you can use the Group Study Room’s “On-Demand” booking feature to schedule the room — simply enter the empty room and access the scheduling app.

  • If the room is not currently scheduled, GSR On-Demand will allow you to schedule the room
  • If the room is currently scheduled, GSR On-Demand will display the name of the person who has the room scheduled and the times of the reservation
  • If the group shows up before their 10 minute grace period has expired, you must relinquish the room to them
  • If no one from the originally-scheduled group shows up within 10 minutes, GSR On-Demand will show a link which allows you to cancel the original group’s reservation and reserve the room for your group.

Other Policies

  • Students are responsible for their own personal belongings
  • Windows and doors are not to be covered over with paper or other materials
  • Students will be held accountable for the condition of the room and equipment. Usage will be monitored. The respective Student Affairs Office will assist in applying restrictions due to abuse.

The students and staff working on the project hope that these policies make it easy for everyone to use the Group Study Rooms and manages the allocation of unused rooms more efficiently for students who want them. We will continue to assess and evaluate these modification on an on-going basis. Student feedback, comments are welcome – please email