Core Curriculum Awards

The Core Curriculum Awards are awarded annually to faculty that teach MBA core classes and have made exceptional contributions in the categories “Tough, but We’ll Thank You in Five Years,” and “Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.” A list of recipients is generated through a vote by the MBA student body. All awards are presented during the Honor’s reception at the start of the Fall semester, and the winners are recognized in the MBA Graduation Program.

Tough, But We’ll Thank You in Five Years Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
2018 Eric Bradlow 2018 Peter Conti-Brown
Clayton Featherstone Stephan Dieckmann
Simone Marinesi Adam Grant
Michael Roberts Exequiel Hernandez
Jules van Binsbergen Hummy Song
Natalya Vinokurova
2017 Wayne Guay 2017 Emil Pitkin
Luzi Hail Richard Shell
Radha Radhakrishna Jules van Binsbergen
Sophie Reid Natalya Vinokurova
Nicholas Rongione Lisa Warshaw
2016 Wayne Guay 2016 Adam Grant
Corinne Low Emil Pitkin
Jules van Binsbergen Richard Shell
Senthil Veeraraghavan Jules van Binsbergen
Lisa Warshaw
2015 Eric Bradlow 2015 Clayton Featherstone
Wayne Guay Adam Grant
Michael Roberts Corrine Low
Jeremy Siegel Michael Sinkinson
Natalya Vinokurova
2014 Peggy Bishop-Lane 2014 Eric Bradlow
Alex Edmans Alex Edmans
Jeremy Siegel Stephan Dieckmann
Nicolaj Siggelkow Adam Grant
Michael Sinkinson
Patti Williams
2013 Peggy Bishop Lane 2013 Alex Edmans
Eric Bradlow Adam Grant
Nicolaj Siggelkow Michael Sinkinson
Spring 2012 Gerard Cachon Spring 2012 Eric Bradlow
Guillaume Roels Felipe Monteiro
Christian Terweisch Christian Terweisch
Patti Williams
Fall 2011 Peggy Bishop Lane Fall 2011 Thomas Donaldson
Katja Seim Adam Grant
Robert Stine Lawrence Zicklin
Spring 2011 Jeremy Siegel Spring 2011 Eric Bradlow
Christian Terwiesch Mauro Guillén
Justin Wolfers Martine Haas
Felipe Monteiro
Christian Terwiesch
Fall 2010 Peggy Bishop Lane Fall 2010 Alex Edmans
Robert Stine Adam Grant
Richard Waterman Sergei Savin
Spring 2010 Serguei Netessine Spring 2010 Howie Kaufold
Mary O’Sullivan Felipe Monteiro
Nicolas Reinecke Serguei Netessine
Christian Terwiesch Mary O’Sullivan
Justin Wolfers Christian Terwiesch
Fall 2009 Peggy Bishop Lane Fall 2009 Alex Edmans
Jagmohan Raju Kartik Hosanagar
Robert Stine Abba Krieger
Richard Waterman Sergei Savin
Michael Useem
Lawrence Zicklin
Spring 2009 Gerard Cachon Spring 2009 David Bell
Mary O’Sullivan Felipe Monteiro
Jeremy Siegel Mary O’Sullivan
Christian Terweisch Christian Terwiesch
Fall 2008 Alex Edmans Fall 2008 Franklin Allen
Peggy Bishop Lane Thomas Donaldson
Richard Waterman Alex Edmans
Matthew White
Michael Useem
Spring 2008 Serguei Netessine Spring 2008 Howie Kaufold
Mary O’Sullivan Chris Lee
Jeremy Siegel Jeremy Siegel
Christian Terwiesch
Patti Williams
Fall 2007 Mary Ellen Carter Fall 2007 Alex Edmans
Peggy Bishop Lane Kartik Hosanagar
Matthew White Michael Useem
Matthew White
Spring 2007 Eric Bradlow Spring 2007 Eric Bradlow
Mary O’Sullivan Howie Kaufold
Jeremy Siegel Chris Lee
Justin Wolfers Mary O’Sullivan
David Reibstein
Jeremy Siegel
Christian Terwiesch
Fall 2006 Mary Ellen Carter Fall 2006 Franklin Allen
Matthew White Eric Bradlow
Sarah Kaplan Michael Useem
Matthew White
Lawrence Zicklin
Spring 2006 Robert Borghese Spring 2006 Eric Bradlow
Mary O’Sullivan Kathy Pearson
Jeremy Siegel David Reibstein
Jeremy Siegel
Christian Terwiesch
Fall 2005 Mary Ellen Carter Fall 2005 Franklin Allen
Peggy Bishop Lane Thomas Donaldson
Richard Waterman Christopher Ittner
Matthew White Michael Useem
Matthew White
Spring 2005 Robert Borghese Spring 2005 David Bell
Mary O’Sullivan David Reibstein
Jeremy Siegel
Fall 2004 Mary Ellen Carter Fall 2004 Franklin Allen
Ed George Thomas Donaldson
Peggy Bishop Lane Ed George
Robert Stine Michael Useem
Abraham Wyner
Spring 2004 Peter Fader Spring 2004 Howie Kaufold
Christopher Ittner Taylor Randall
Jeremy Siegel Jeremy Siegel
Fall 2003 Mary Ellen Carter Fall 2003 Franklin Allen
Robert Stine Andreas Buja
Keith Weigelt Christian Terwiesch