Curriculum Overview

How It Works

For Wharton MBA students entering the program in Fall 2022, the graduation requirements for the Master of Business Administration degree are as follows:

MBA Program Breakdown

The Wharton MBA degree requires 19 course units (CUs) of graduate-level courses, up to four of which may be taken with an approved academic program outside of Wharton. All 19 CUs must be taken while registered in Wharton MBA program coursework, with the exception of coursework taken in approved dual degree programs. Students may take up to 21 CUs of coursework without incurring additional tuition charges. Courses such as the Global Immersion Program (GIP) and Global Modular Courses (GMC) require additional fees, due to the international travel component.

There are waiver opportunities for most, but not all, of the required core courses (see Waiver Guide). If you elect to waive courses, you must replace the waived credit units with elective coursework. The minimum requirement for graduation remains 19 CUs at the graduate level regardless of courses waived.

The MBA program is designed for a full-time residency consisting of four academic terms; fall and spring over two years. It is possible to graduate in less time by overloading on coursework and/or taking courses during the summer term; however summer course offerings are quite limited. Summer study may also preclude an internship opportunity which, for many students, is a valuable part of the MBA experience. It is also possible, with prior approval from the MBA Program Office of Academic Affairs, to delay graduation — continuing coursework required for graduation through a fifth semester.

Sample First Year Schedule

1 – Requirement cannot be waived (MGEC 612, WHCP 611/WHCP 620, WHCP 612/WHCP 615)
2 – Consider taking a balance of flexible core and elective courses in your first year to ensure timely progress towards degree completion.
3 – Though STAT 613 is a fixed core course, students may be eligible to take the 0.5 CU accelerated version to satisfy this core requirement.

Curriculum Planning Worksheet

Worried about scheduling courses? Don’t be! Your academic advisor will meet with you during Pre-Term to help you map out the plan that meets your goals.

The Details

Core Curriculum

Wharton’s academic departments have designed a rigorous core curriculum that will teach you the essential skills and concepts that alumni of the Wharton MBA program are expected to have mastered. More


All MBA students are required to fulfill the course requirements of at least one major. The program offers 19 MBA majors. Typically five credit units, specified by the academic department, are required to satisfy a major. More


Wharton’s curriculum offers a broad range of elective courses in each of its ten academic departments. More

Academic Policies

Before arriving to campus, take the time to familiarize yourself with our academic policies related to anything from academic performance standards to course registration deadlines. Your academic advisor will discuss these policies in detail at Pre-Term. More