Find Indoor Space at Wharton

Virtual Interviews

Space is available for recruiting activities such as Zoom interviews and phone calls in the On-Campus Recruiting Suite (McNeil Building, Suite 90 – map).  You can reserve space on the Spaces App.  Select “McNeil OCR Suite” from the dropdown.

Quiet Study

The Ground Floor Quiet Study Lounge (JMHH G80), Second Floor Quiet Study Lounge (JMHH 280), GSRs (Spaces App) are available for quiet study.

General Study

There are spaces for general study across the Wharton campus.  All these spaces are available during building hours.

Academic Research Building (map)

  • Atrium
  • 1st Floor Overlook
  • 2nd Floor Overlook
  • Group Study Rooms

Huntsman Hall

  • Baker Forum
  • Ground Floor Quiet Study Lounge (G80)
  • 2nd Floor Lounge (also a designated eating zone)
  • 2nd Floor Quiet Study Lounge (280)
  • MBA Space (G95)
  • Group Study Rooms

Steinberg Hall – Dietrich Hall (map)

  • Atrium
  • Stock Exchange
  • 350/351 Lobby
  • Joe’s Café seating area (also a designated eating zone)

Vance Hall (map)

  • Hoover Lounge (Available Monday – Thursday)
  • 2nd Floor (also designated eating zone)