Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a key fob for 2401?

During Preterm, key fobs are available at the MBA Program Office (JMHH, 300). Afterwards you can pick them up from any of the Student Life Associate Directors at 2401 Walnut.

How do you enter the 2401 facility?

The entrance is on the north side of the building, below the Walnut St. bridge (take the stairs on the Center City side of the building down to the lower level).

How do I reserve a room?

Secure a Room via SPIKE: To guarantee a reservation for a room, you must use the online Group Study Room Scheduling System available through SPIKE. You must be a Wharton student to logon to the scheduling website.

Is alcohol allowed in the building?

Alcohol is NOT permitted in the building at any time with the exception of university sponsored events such as Cluster Suppers.

Is food permitted in the building?

If you would like to serve food at an event, you must inform and seek approval from at least three (3) days prior to the event date. Food in rooms should be limited to light items such as sandwiches, pizza, cookies, etc.No food shall be heated in a room.

Please see additional policies regarding food above in the section titled “food and alcohol.”

What are the hours of the 2401 facility?

8 am – 1 am on weekdays, and from 9 am – 12 am on weekends.