MBA Internship Track

Students will address questions about how the internship changes the students’ understanding of the academic theory, and how the academic theory enriches the students’ internship experience.  For example, what management challenges did you face in your start-up experience? How did you allocate resources across businesses and elements of the marketing mix? Or how did you decide about which investment opportunities to accept?

The internship track requires completion of an additional course to be held parallel to the internship, for example a study project during the summer term. Students will enroll in a credit-bearing course, .25 course units, and the faculty member overseeing the study project will identify the requirements, for example an internship term paper addressing the learning objectives. Completing the internship track of the Wharton MBA degree requires 19.25 course units. For international students choosing this track, completing the study project can also serve in support of their curricular practical training.

Registration for the internship track will be available in September.