MBA Program Attendance Policy

The Wharton MBA Program seeks to foster a dynamic classroom environment in which the student is fully engaged in the learning process, drawing knowledge from in-class instruction while also contributing to the shared knowledge of the class. The MBA Program Attendance Policy was formulated to engender such an experience by helping facilitate the community’s shared commitment to learning.

MBA Attendance

1.1 Student attendance is expected and required, unless excused by the professor or the MBA Program Office/Academic Affairs.

1.2. Absences may be excused. Three types of absences are always excused: Illness, Personal or Family Emergency and Religious holidays. Conflicts due to job interviews, career pursuits, weddings, personal/professional commitments or travel are not appropriate reasons to request an excused absence.

1.3 Please note that faculty determine the form of attendance taking used in their classroom (TAs, Canvas, etc). Students can request that their absence be excused by reaching out directly to their faculty, either via email or the attendance feature in Canvas.

1.4 Academic Advisors can help determine if an absence falls within the excused absence guidelines. They are also available to review documentation and assist with communication to faculty.

1.5 Faculty may have additional criteria regarding their specific attendance policy outlined in their class syllabus. For example, some faculty may have a first class attendance requirement in which students who do not attend the first session are dropped from the course. Additionally, faculty may base part of the course grade on attendance and participation. Attendance may also be among the selection criteria used to select Fellows in the MBA administration.