MKTG 613

Strategic Marketing Simulation

Marketing 613 is an intensive immersion course designed to develop skills in formulating and implementing marketing strategies for brands and businesses. The central activity will be participation in a realistic integrative product management simulation named SABRE. In SABRE students will form management teams that oversee all critical aspects of modern product management: the design and marketing of new products, advertising budgeting and design, sales force sizing and allocation, and production planning. As in the real world, teams will compete for profitability, and the success that each team has in achieving this goal will be a major driver of the class assessment.

The SABRE simulation is used to convey the two foci of learning in the course: the changing nature of strategic problems and their optimal solutions as industries progress through the product life cycle, and exposure to the latest analytic tools for solving these problems. Specifically, SABRE management teams will receive training in both how to make optimal use of marketing research information to reduce uncertainty in product design and positioning, as well as decision support models to guide resource allocation.

Waiver Process

Waiver by Credential

Waiver by credential will be given only to students meeting one or both of the following criteria:

1. Did you complete a full-term marketing simulation using SABRE or a close parallel (e.g., Markstrat), and receive a grade of A- or better?
2. Did you complete a course at a four-year college that included a minimum of 6 weeks of exposure to cases/lectures on marketing strategy, and receive a grade of A- or better?

Permission to substitute MKTG 612 or MKTG 613 by an upper-level elective marketing course of 0.5 credit units or more which must be taken for a grade (not pass/fail), will be given only to students meeting one or both of the same criteria, except that the required grade is B or better.

Documenting Your Credentials

Supporting credentials must include course syllabi of the marketing courses claimed to meet the criteria. The transcript from your admissions file will also be reviewed to ensure you meet the credential grading requirements.

Fulfilling the Marketing Flexible Core Requirement

Please note that to fulfill the MKTG flexible core requirement, students are required to take either MKTG 612 or MKTG 613 (students also have the option to take both if they have the interest). A waiver by credential of MKTG 612 or MKTG 613 will fulfill this requirement; students do not have to submit credentials to waive both.

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