Waiver Guide: MBA Class of 2021

Take your first steps to find your starting point within the Wharton curriculum.

In order to take full advantage of Wharton’s innovative curriculum, now is the time to begin customizing your studies. Our required core curriculum is designed to give you the tools expected of all graduates. However, you may have already studied some of these topics in your undergraduate degree or have work experience in these fields. The Wharton Waiver Guide is a summary of all of the core classes that offer a waiver or placement option, and instructions on how to do so. It is important to note that you may only opt to submit credentials and/or take exams in the summer prior to starting the MBA program. 

Core Course Waiver and Placement Options

Waiving a Core Course: Is This For Me?

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The decision to waive a core course should be based upon your familiarity with a particular subject. You can determine your proficiency level for these subjects through reviewing the information below. If you feel you have the knowledge to waive a subject in its entirety or place into an accelerated core class, we encourage you to submit your credentials and/or sit for the waiver and placement exams.

There is no downside to receiving a waiver or placement option.  The decision to enroll in a core course that you have waived is ultimately up to you; if you would like a review of a subject, or to learn about Wharton’s approach to it in preparation for advanced electives, you can choose to enroll in the core course.

If you are new to business education, waiving or placing may not be the right options for you. Not to worry! Taking the entire core will not put you at a disadvantage. Nearly 40% of your classmates will not waive a single course and many who do waive will waive only one subject. Additionally, you have choices to make within the context of the core, allowing you to tailor your educational experience even before registering for elective coursework.

Waiver Policies and Deadlines



Monday, June 10
11:59PM ET

Results will be returned June 21


Monday, July 8
11:59PM ET

Results will be returned July 26

Credentials that were not approved by the first submission deadline may be resubmitted with supplemental information for consideration by the second deadline.

Your Next Steps:

  • Check out the core course information. Review the course descriptions, syllabi and sample examples (if applicable).
  • Complete the Waiver Evaluation module and review your evaluation.
  • Submit materials for waiver by credentials and/or sign up for a waiver or placement exam.


Access the Waiver Module Now.

Academic Advisors are here to help.

Academic Advisors are available to discuss your best course of action. Second-year students can also give a perspective on waivers but keep in mind that they may not be familiar with your background or experience. Check out the FAQs below and please don’t hesitate to contact the MBA Program Office at mbaprogram@wharton.upenn.edu with any questions.


Check out our FAQ page for answers to common questions about the waiver guide.