Business Analytics

Analytical judgment is a value embodied throughout our MBA curriculum. I am writing to share exciting news with you: We continue to leverage our analytical DNA and introduce a new major – Business Analytics.

The Business Analytics major is designed to build deep competency in the skills needed to implement and oversee data-driven business decisions, including (i) collecting, managing and describing datasets, (ii) forming inferences and predictions from data and (iii) making optimal and robust decisions. Business analytics makes extensive use of statistical analysis and the applications of business analytics span many functional areas.

Students choosing the Business Analytics major are ideally suited for the growing set of careers broadly defined under the header of “data science” with responsibilities for managing and analyzing data. In addition, the major provides an excellent complement to students who choose to focus on one of the functional areas of business (such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations).

The course requirements for the major are listed below.

  • BEPP780 Applied Data Analysis and Causality for Business and Public Policy
  • LGST642 Big Data, Big Responsibilities: The Law and Ethics of Business Analytics*
  • MKTG669 Experiments for Business Decision Making
  • MKTG712 Data and Analysis for Marketing Decisions
  • MKTG771 Models for Marketing Strategy*
  • MKTG776 Applied Probability Models in Marketing
  • OIDD642 Analytics for Services
  • OIDD643 Analytics for Revenue Management
  • OIDD653 Mathematical Modeling and its Application in Finance
  • OIDD658 Service Operations Management
  • OIDD672 Decision Support Systems
  • STAT701 Modern Data Mining*
  • STAT705 Statistical Programming with R*
  • STAT711 Forecasting Methods for Management*
  • STAT722 Predictive Analytics for Business*
  • STAT770 Data Analytics and Statistical Computing*

*offered Fall 2016

Students may also select up to 1 credit unit of courses from outside of Wharton. This course must be approved by the MBA Faculty Advisors, there is no list of pre-approved courses. Please contact your academic adviser if you have questions about this approval process.