OIDD 680 – Operations Strategy Practicum in Germany & the Netherlands (Spring 2017)

Greetings to all who have an interest in registering for our course, OIDD 680 Operations Strategy Practicum during the Spring 2017 Semester!

We will be visiting ten companies in Germany and the Netherlands (see the syllabus for details) during spring break, and two locally. There will also be several lectures and case discussions held in Philadelphia. Most of the companies that we will be visiting have set a capacity limit on the number of people that they can accommodate for a plant or site visit. Consequently we expect that we will have to limit the enrollment in the course. We have decided that the best way to do this is to ask each of you to submit a brief (max 200 words) statement that will help us decide who should be admitted to the course. In particular I would like you to answer the following questions in your statement.

1) Why do you want to take the course and what do you hope to learn from it?
2) What is there in your background (academic, work, etc.) that would make the course valuable to you and which would make your participation valuable to the class.
Please submit your statement to Ramon Jones (at ramjones@wharton.upenn.edu ) in the OIDD department by Wednesday November 30, 2016 to support your decision to apply for admission to the course. You will be notified by Friday December 2, 2016 if you have been admitted to the course.
All those accepted into the course will have to pay a $1,000.00 deposit for the travel cost by Wednesday December 7, 2016. Any questions about the travel program or course schedule can be directed to the course administrator, Ramon Jones at ramjones@wharton.upenn.edu.

You can also contact me at cohen@wharton.upenn.edu if you have any questions.

Morris Cohen