Video Conference Center

The MBA Career Management office has two facilities that are available to students. Please click here to email a request to reserve the smaller Video Conference room (room 69). To reserve room 69B (interviews, meetings, skype interviews etc.) please click here to email a request.

Please contact Meghan Gatti with any questions or concerns.


There are a limited number of large lockers available to Wharton MBA students thus at the beginning of each academic year, large lockers are distributed through a lottery. Winners are permitted to use an assigned locker for the current academic year only.

Lockers in the Wharton Complex are the property of the Wharton School. They are lent to students by the MBA Program Office and are not for reassignment except by that office. Subletting, selling, or other transfer of a locker is unacceptable. If access to a locker is transferred between students, the MBAPO will remove access to that locker and transfer it to the next person on the locker waitlist.

Please e-mail Laurin Frierson in the MBA Program Office should you have any questions.

Study Space

Looking for a quiet place to study? Lounges filled? Wharton Operations has reserved classrooms in Jon M Huntsman Hall each night for quite study. Additionally, the University and the surrounding areas have a number of spots that tend not to be too crowded (see below) and the PennApps Labs has created a webapp to find study spaces on the Penn campus.

  • Education Commons (space can be reserved)
  • Fine Arts/Furness Library* ( 34th Street between Locust and Spruce Streets)
  • Graduate Student Center (3615 Locust Walk)Houston Hall* ( 3417 Spruce Street )
  • LGBT Center Library
  • Lippincott Library* (2nd & 3rd floors on west end).
  • Penn Bookstore (36th and Walnut – 2nd floor)
  • Starbucks/Saxby’s/Cosi* (34th St./40th St./36th St. )
  • Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall* (3620 Locust Walk)
  • Towne Building Library* ( 33rd St. between Walnut and Locust)
  • Williams Hall ( 36th Street between Spruce and Locust )
  • Van Pelt Library* (Locust Walk between 34th & 35th Sts.)
  • Vance Hall: Hoover Lounge & MBA Pub* ( Spruce St. between 37th & 38th Sts.)
  • Weigle Information Commons (1st floor of Van Pelt, specializes in collaborative space):
  • Weiss Tech House

*wireless PennNet access available.

Notary Public

For those of you who need to have your signatures witnessed by a notary public*, please visit the MBA Program office (300 JMHH) and see Cindy Armour any weekday between 9am and 5pm.

*A notary public is a certifier of legal documents; somebody who is legally authorized to certify the authenticity of signatures and documents.