Special Events

  • Applications to reserve space for special events should be made at least three (3) weeks in advance by completing the online form found via this link: http://whr.tn/2401MPS.
  • If you need to cancel or change your reservation, you need to email the Office of Student Life at 2401Walnut@wharton.upenn.edu at least one (1) business day prior to the event date. Charges may apply if you do not inform us within the stated timeframe.
  • You may be responsible for any costs associated with cancelling or changing the event.
  • The event start/end times, once agreed upon, are firm. If additional time is needed, please email 2401Walnut@wharton.upenn.edu.
  • All events must end ten minutes prior to the next event.
Food & Alcohol
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted with the exception of University Sponsored events (ie. Cluster Suppers).
  • If you would like to serve food at the event, you must email 2401Walnut@wharton.upenn.edu and order food through one of our approved caterers at least three (3) days prior to the event date. Food in rooms should be limited to light items such as sandwiches, pizza, cookies, etc. No food shall be heated in a room.
  • All materials including food/drink and catering materials must be removed immediately after any event held at 2401 Walnut Event hosts are responsible for disposing of all trash in the proper trash/recycle receptacles prior to vacating the room. Items such as pizza boxes should be placed next to the room’s trash receptacle if they are too large to fit. Ice should also be left next to the trash can in a disposable container for removal by housekeeping. Please email 2401Walnut@wharton.upenn.edu for additional information, restrictions and a list of approved caterers. Any left items will be discarded and your department will be charged for disposal.
  • Catered events at 2401 Walnut must use one of the two following vendors, no exceptions:12th Street Catering
    Lisa Benigni
    215-386-8595Day by Day CateringDiBrunos CateringGarces CateringPhiladelphia Catering Company
    Lisa & Alan
  • If you have any technology needs, please submit a request to 2401Walnut@wharton.upenn.edu at least three (3) business days prior to your event. There may be charges associated with technology requests. Please consult the front desk staff for more information, should you need to use technology for your event.
Guest List Policy for Special Events
  • A guest is defined as someone who does not normally have access to the building even if the person is affiliated with Wharton or UPenn.
  • While a valid student can bring in a maximum of two guests, in case of additional guests, the student will need to submit a guest list to 2401Walnut@wharton.upenn.edu at least three (3) business days in advance.
  • If you intend to hold a special event, and invite more than 50 guests at a time, you will need to submit the guest list at least three (3) weeks in advance. The event may require additional security.
  • A guest list can only be submitted by a current student with valid access to the building. Guest lists submitted by any other staff or students, even if they are affiliated with Wharton and Penn, will not be accepted. Additional names cannot be added to the guest list once it has been approved.
  • If you are expecting VIP guests, the Office of Student Life must be informed well in advance. Some VIP guests may require special set-ups and additional security. Charges may apply for these services so please check with the front desk staff prior to confirming any VIP guests.
    • Name of the group/person hosting the event
    • Event Name
    • Date and time of event
    • Event location room name/number(s)
    • Name and mobile phone number of event contact person who is responsible for your visitors/guests and will be onsite during the event
    • List of guests in alphabetical order by last name
  • The group/person hosting the event shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests, for ensuring they adhere to all building policies, and for any damage caused to the facilities as a result of their non-compliance.
Additional Considerations
  • Special events may require additional housekeeping services. You will be responsible for any additional charges incurred.
  • The multi-purpose room has tables and chairs to seat about 220 people. If you should need additional chairs/tables, you will need to order them at your own expense. All chairs/tables will need to be delivered after business hours. Consider choosing either Event Rental or Party Rental. Both are approved vendors for the university.