Spring Break Global Modular Courses

Registration for Spring Break Global Modular courses is now open and will close on Monday, November 28 at 11:59 pm (EST).

Via the links below, we have provided the most current syllabi available – in most cases it is the syllabus from the last time the course was taught.

Please click here to enter your preferences for the Spring Break courses. You may enter your ranked interest in as many courses as you wish. Please be certain of your intent to take the course when you complete the form. Once registration closes, you will receive an email shortly after informing you of your status in the course and requesting you confirm your interest in the class. For entry into OIDD 899 you will need to rank your preference for the class and submit an essay. We will begin to inform students of their status in the class two weeks after registration closes.

We will do our best to accommodate all demand in these courses, and will resort to a lottery (with preference for second year students) if courses are oversubscribed. Please contact Paula Greenberg for more information.

Course Syllabi

MGMT 890: Sustaining National Competitiveness by Leveraging Capabilities: Japan’s Approach, Progress and Future Challenges-Essay Required (NOTE TITLE CHANGE) (.5 CU)

OIDD 899: Global Supply Chain Management in China (1.0 CU)-Essay required

Finance 896: Finance in Europe (.5 CU)

MGMT 765: Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management: Practice and Institutions of Silicon Valley (.5 CU)

MKGT 893: Marketing in Emerging Economies: Understanding the Chinese Consumer (.5CU)