Teaching Commitment and Curricular Innovation

The MBA Teaching Commitment and Curricular Innovation Awards are given each year to MBA faculty members in recognition of contributions to the educational experience through innovation in their courses or the curriculum. A list of nominees is generated through nominations from faculty and their academic departments; a selection committee, comprised of administrators and past winners, selects the recipients. All awards are presented during the Honor’s reception at the start of the Fall semester, and the winners are recognized in the MBA Graduation Program.


  • Michael Platt for MKTG 851: Introduction to Brain Science for Business
  • Tyler Wry for MGMT 806: Venture Implementation


  • Guy David for HCMG 852: Healthcare Services Delivery, a Managerial Economic Approach
  • Exequiel Hernandez for case material used in MGMT612: Managing the Established Enterprise
  • Samir Nurmohamed for MGMT 772: Power and Politics in Organizations


  • Peter Fader for WHOOPPEE used in MKTG 776: Applied Probability Models in Marketing
  • Corinne Low for MGEC 611/612: Microeconomics for Managers
  • Arthur van Benthem for BEPP 763: Energy Markets and Policy
  • Senthil Veeraraghavan for OIDD 615: Operations Strategy


  • Morris Cohen for OPIM 699: Global Supply Chain Strategy: A US Industry Perspective
  • Witold Henisz for KEROVKA simulation used in MGMT 715: Political and Social Environment of the Multinational Firm 
  • Laura Huang for MGMT 801: Entrepreneurship
  • David Musto for FNCE 883Strategic Equity Finance



  • Brian Bushee for ACCT 613: Fundamentals of Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Shawndra Hill for OPIM 672: Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • William Lauder for MGMT 892: Decision Making in the Leadership Chair



  • Alex Edmans
  • Lisa Warshaw



  • Mark Jenkins
  • Kevin Werbach



  • Jonah Berger
  • Witold Henisz
  • Ethan Mollick
  • Americus Reed



  • Sigal Barsade
  • Nancy Rothbard
  • Jennifer Blouin
  • Mauro Guillén
  • Karl Ulrich