Updates to MBA Schedule – Fall 2021

Course Time Schedule

The new schedule consists of 90-minute class blocks, followed by 15-minute breaks. This will allow for more facetime with instructors and a more manageable commute between classes.

Current Schedule (Before Fall 2021)New Schedule (Starting Fall 2021)

Academic Calendar

Each semester will now be condensed to 12 weeks, rather than 14. Currently, the MBA core semester is 12 weeks (6 weeks for quarter classes), and the MBA elective semester is 14 weeks (7 weeks for quarter classes). Starting this Fall, all MBA elective classes will also meet for 12 weeks (6 weeks for quarter classes.)

Please note that non-Wharton classes will continue to meet on a 14-week calendar, and MBA students are expected to attend those classes also on the days during which MBA classes do not meet.

View the full academic calendar for 2021-2022 here.