Waiver and Placement Prep Courses

If you intend to waive or place into an accelerated course in Accounting, Finance or Statistics by exam, we will offer prep-courses in each subject from Tuesday, August 2 – Thursday, August 4. The full schedule can be seen below.

The courses will be scheduled so that a student could attend all three. Students who intend to take the waiver or placement exams in these subjects are not required to take part in these prep-courses. Students who take a prep-course are not required to sit for an exam.

Please sign up for the Pre-Term prep classes here.

Please see below the road map for prep courses and the placement/waiver process for ACCT, FNCE and STAT.

Pre-Term 2016 – Placement/Waiver Prep Course Schedule

ACCT 604: Financial Accounting Placement Prep8/2 - 8/49am - 12pmSteinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall (SHDH) 351
ACCT 608: Financial Accounting Waiver Prep8/2 - 8/49am - 12pmSteinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall (SHDH) 350
FNCE 604: Corporate Finance Placement/Waiver Prep8/2 - 8/41pm - 4pmJon M. Huntsman Hall (JMHH) G06
STAT 608: Statistics Placement/Waiver Prep8/2 - 8/44:30pm - 7:30pmJon M. Huntsman Hall (JMHH) G06

Pre-Term 2016 – Placement/Waiver Exam Schedule*

Friday, August 5, 2016Financial Accounting (ACCT)9am - 11am
Corporate Finance (FNCE)12pm - 3pm
Statistics (STAT)4pm - 6pm
Monday, August 8, 2016Microeconomics (MGEC)8am - 9:30am (wave 1 - Cluster 1 & Cluster 3)**
10am - 11:30am (wave 2 - Cluster 2 & Cluster 4)**
Macroeconomics (FNCE)12pm - 2pm

*Your room assignment will be e-mailed to you in advance of the exam. Please check your Wharton e-mail regularly.

**Cluster assignments will be announced in late July.


Your choice of pre-term courses in accounting is directly linked to the manner in which you will complete the financial accounting core requirement, which reflects students’ very diverse backgrounds in the subject.

Financial Accounting Review Course (ACCT 604)

ACCT 604 is offered on campus in the week prior to Pre-Term and prepares students for the placement exam for ACCT 612. ACCT 612 covers the same material as ACCT 611, but in a half-semester. This course is intended for students who have the knowledge associated with the successful completion of one university level course in financial accounting, but lack the knowledge to waive the core requirement. A placement examination is given prior to Pre-Term to determine students’ eligibility for ACCT 612. ACCT 604 is not required for those who take ACCT 612 but it is a useful refresher as knowledge of the material is presumed by the instructor. Please note that ACCT 612 is only offered in the fall semester.

Financial Accounting – Waiver Prep Course (ACCT 608)

Those with the equivalent of two courses in financial accounting may have the knowledge to waive the accounting core completely by passing a waiver examination. The waiver-prep course ACCT 608 is offered on campus in the week prior to Pre-Term and reviews the more advanced topics to prepare the student for the waiver exam. This course is fast paced and is only intended to review these topics, not to teach them.

The Roadmap for FINANCE

The preparation course offered in finance is for those students aiming to place into the Accelerated Corporate Finance course,  FNCE 612 or waive the Corporate Finance requirement entirely. In fact, because this course is appropriate for a select, smaller set of students, it is offered from August 2 through August 4, prior to the official start of Pre-Term.

Review of Corporate Finance (FNCE 604)

FNCE 604 is intended for those students wishing to take the finance placement exam to qualify for enrollment in the accelerated finance course, FNCE 612. The FNCE 612 course, along with FNCE 604, will fulfill the core and finance major requirement in corporate finance in a half semester instead of the usual full semester. Students with some prior knowledge of corporate finance, either by coursework or practical experience, or with strong analytical backgrounds should consider taking this course and the placement exam. Students who were a finance major in college may place directly into FNCE 612 by submitting an official transcript.

The FNCE 612 course will start where FNCE 604 ends. The approach will be analytical and rigorous and requires some familiarity with accounting, mathematical and statistical tools. The FNCE 604 course is intensive, moves at a fast pace given the expected prior knowledge of the students, and is not required for those planning to take FNCE 611 or FNCE 614. Last year, 20% of the class enrolled in FNCE 612 in the Fall Term.

The Roadmap for STATISTICS

There is a preparation course offered in Statistics for those students aiming to waive Regression Analysis for Business or place into the Accelerated Regression Analysis for Business STAT 621. Because this course is appropriate for a select, smaller set of students, it is offered from August 2 through August 4 to the official start of Pre-Term.

Review of Regression Analysis for Business (STAT 608)

STAT 608 is intended for those students wishing to take the statistics waiver and/or placement exam to qualify to waive the statistics requirement in its entirety or qualify for enrollment in the accelerated statistics course, STAT 621. The STAT 621 course will fulfill the core requirement in statistics in a half semester instead of the usual full semester. Only students with some prior knowledge of statistics, either by coursework or practical experience, or with strong analytical backgrounds should consider taking this course and the placement exam.