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December 3, 2015

Spring 2016 Registration


Monday, December 7, 2015 — 12:00pm (noon)
Last day for students to report and modify preferences
Course Match closes at 12:00pm (noon)

Friday, December 11, 2015
Course schedules are released
Drop/Add "buffer period" begins

Monday, December 14 — 12:00pm (noon)
Drop/Add "buffer period" ends
"Buffer period" results will be released later in the day

Monday, January 11, 2016
First day of Q3 and spring semester core courses

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
First day of Q3 and spring semester elective courses

WHCP 612 / 615 Registration

All first-year students are required to take a .25CU speaking course during the spring semester. Students may choose between four courses:

  • WHCP 612: Advanced Persuasion: Convincing Business Audiences
  • WHCP 612: Advanced Persuasion: Crisis Communication
  • WHCP 612: Advanced Persuasion: Fundamentals for Prospective Entrepreneurs
  • WHCP 615: Communication Challenges for Entrepreneurs: “Pitching your Business”

Please note that in order to assign a preference for WHCP 615 in Course Match, students must have received pre-clearance per previous emails. 

Click here for a full description of each course.

The default utility for all sections of WHCP612 will be set to 1. You are encouraged to increase the utility on sections you prefer. Any section manually set to 0 will be reset to 1 before Course Match runs.

All enrollments in sections of WHCP612 & 615 will be made final on Thursday, January 14. First year students will not be able to drop or change their sections of communications after Thursday, January 14. First year students who do not have a section of communications on January 14 will be assigned to a section of WHCP612 with capacity.

If you have been approved to place utility on WHCP615, please do so before Course Match closes, otherwise you will be assigned to a section of WHCP612.


Syllabi for courses from previous semesters can be found on the syllabi@wharton site (A=Spring / C=Fall). This will be especially helpful when looking for OIDD (formerly OPIM) syllabi as the upcoming semester (16A) will not show previous years due to the department name change.

Spring 2016 Core Exam Schedule

The Spring 2016 Core Exam Schedule is now posted under the SPIKE Exam Calendars

Operations Strategy Practicum Course (Spring 2016)

The Spring 2016 section of the Operations Strategy Practicum Course (OIDD 680) will include a week in Germany during Spring Break 2016. Please review the syllabus (linked) if you are interested in participating in the course. Note that this course has an admission process, additional expenses and requires early financial commitment. Please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Morris Cohen in the Operations, Information and Decisions Department if you have any questions. Information regarding the registration process for this course will be released in future correspondence.

Semester in San Francisco 2016 Application

Round 1 applications for Semester in San Francisco Fall 2016 are now open!  The application is here and is also listed as a “quick link” on the MBA SPIKE page – this application along with your academic performance will be reviewed as part of the selection process.  Applications are due Sunday, January 17th at 11:59pm EST.   If you missed the SSF Information Session, the slides can be found here and video can be found here.  And for questions related to Semester in San Francisco, please email Maria Halpern at mariahal@wharton.upenn.edu.

Spring Break Global Modular Course Registration

Registration for the Spring Break courses closed on Monday, November 23 at 9 am (EDT). However, seats reain in the following course:

MKTG 893
Marketing in Emerging Economies: Understanding & Marketing to the Indian Consumer (0.5 cu)
Professor Jagmohan Raju
Mumbai, India
March 7-9, 2016     

Interested? Please contact Paula Greenberg for more information.


Tutor@Wharton is a platform that connects Wharton students with tutors for fixed and flexible core subject material. Tutors are usually second year students who have proven their mastery of the subject material. To find a tutor in a core subject, visit the Tutor@Wharton site and click “I am looking for a tutor.” 

Wharton MBA Financial Aid Office: Spring 2016 Tuition Bill

The Spring 2016 term bill is now available on Penn.Pay. If you have questions regarding your student bill or general financial aid related questions, please schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Team.

Leadership Program Updates:

‚ÄčLooking for a Winter Break Adventure?

There is just one spot left on the Tall Ships Sailing Leadership Expedition in New Zealand over Winter Break, one spot left on the Andes Mountaineering Leadership Expedition in Chile over Winter Break, and a few spots left on the Small Crew Sailing Leadership Expedition in Grenada over Spring Break. Spots are first come, first serve. More information can be found below. If you’re interested in learning more and/or signing up, please email WLPVentures@wharton.upenn.edu.

  • Tall Ships Sailing - Tall Ship Sailing provides an intense at-sea experience in New Zealand aboard a 161 ft. Brigantine ship. While at sea for eight days, participants will learn sailing and navigation, conduct critical oceanographic research and experience the challenges and rewards of self-discipline, team building and decision-making under unfamiliar circumstances. Dates: December 30, 2015 – January 7, 2016. Cost: $3,500
  • Andes Mountaineering - Alpine style climb of a major peak in the Central Chilean Andes. This venture will provide both physical and mental challenge exercising leadership, teamwork and self-discipline. Dates: December 29, 2015 – January 5, 2016. Cost: $3,000
  • Small Crew Sailing - This venture provides participants with a unique opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills while learning how to sail, navigate and race 44-ft. modern sailboats.  Participants will be split into crews of five aboard four boats and will live and work together (with expert guidance from the top instructors of Project U.S.E.) to chart a course and set sail around Grenada.  Throughout the venture participants will be placed in intense situations and learn to thrive in small, highly fluid and dynamic environments. Dates: March 6-11, 2016. Cost: $3,950

Leadership Venture Gear Exchange

Calling all students (especially 2nd years) who have gear they want to sell or rent! Please fill out the venture gear exchange spreadsheet with gear details, price, and contact information.

Wharton Computing Survey

Look out for the upcoming technology survey from Wharton Computing! Everyone who completes the survey will get $5 of printing credit added to their account and the chance to win an iPad Mini! Your confidential input will help us work with constituents across the School and University to enhance the technology offerings you depend on.


The MBAPO’s own Laurin Talese (Frierson) has released new music just in time for the holidays! For more information, click here!

2401 Walnut Closure

Attention: The 2401 Walnut, 8th floor space will be unavailable on Thursday, December 3rd from 7pm-1am for a private event.

Questions? Please contact Eric Morin or Erin Fisher in the Student Life office.

Thanks for your understanding.


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