Disability Accommodations at Wharton

How It Works

The MBA Program Office (MBAPO) provides assistance with academic accommodations in all MBA courses for students who are registered with the University’s Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS). After a student registers with SDS and meets with an SDS specialist, our office will work with the student to communicate their needs to their instructors and coordinate accommodations for exams.

Step 1: Register and Meet with Student Disability Services

The MBA Program Office can only provide accommodations that are officially approved by the Office of Student Disability Services. Therefore, the first step in the accommodations process is to register with SDS. Follow the link below for further details.

Step 2: Semester Requests

Once your accommodations are approved by a Disability Services Specialist, you must submit semester requests to get the accommodations applied to your Wharton classes for the semester. You will need to do this every semester for your new classes.

You can send these requests through the MyWeingartenCenter Student Portal.

After you submit your semester requests, your accommodations will be communicated to your course professors and to Christine Sweeney, who will be your main point of contact for accommodations at Wharton.

For details on specific accommodations, see below.

Step 3: Exam Form

After you complete Steps 1 & 2, we will reach out via email with further details and an exam schedule form. If you have testing accommodations, fill out this form to notify us of when your exams will be. Please include any and all exams — whether they are short in-class quizzes or midterms and finals — that you would like your accommodations applied to.

Note that this form is the main way we are informed of your upcoming exams, so we cannot guarantee that your accommodations will be applied without the completed form. Please notify us of any exams at least three business days in advance.

Submit the completed form to Christine Sweeney. Christine will reach out with details prior to each exam.

Academic Accommodations Guidelines

Testing Accommodations

The MBA Program Office oversees testing accommodations for students in Wharton classes. All you need to do is submit the exam form to Christine Sweeney. All relevant testing accommodations, including but not limited to extra time, stop-the-clock breaks, distraction-reduced environments, private rooms, and technology use will be accounted for and provided.

Most in-person exams will be administered around the same time on the same day as scheduled, in a separately proctored environment. We will reach out prior to each exam with the new time and place.

For remote exams, your time adjustments will be applied directly in Canvas or other platforms.

Classroom Accommodations: Note-Taking

Arranged by SDS. Contact your Disability Services Specialist for more information.

Classroom Accommodations: Assistive Technology & Alternate Format Materials

Arranged and provided by SDS. Contact your Disability Services Specialist for more information.

Classroom Needs

All in-class accommodations and needs will be communicated to your instructors.

Other Accommodations

If you have other accommodations, any relevant guidelines and policies will be communicated to you via email. You can also reach out to Christine or your Disability Services Specialist with any questions.

MBAPO Accommodations Policies

  • The MBAPO can only provide accommodations approved by SDS. For this reason, students are responsible for submitting their accommodation documentation through the MyWeingartenCenter Portal for each course.
  • The MBAPO cannot provide or apply retroactive accommodations.
  • Students must directly inform the MBAPO of all exams to which they want to employ their accommodations. We cannot guarantee accommodations will be provided to exams not included in your exam form.
  • Exam forms must be submitted at least 3 business days before an exam. Though we aim to accommodate all requests and understand that last-minute circumstances may arise on occasion, we cannot guarantee a request within 3 days of an exam.
  • Accommodated and separately proctored exams will be administered around the same time that they are originally scheduled to be. If a student has an academic conflict that prevents them from taking their extra exam time, our office will work with the student to find an earlier or later time the same day. We do not reschedule accommodated exams for an earlier or later date, except in instances of final exam schedule conflicts.
  • Students are expected to follow the Academic Policies as set by the MBAPO.
  • If a student works directly with their instructor to reschedule an exam without the involvement of the MBAPO, we cannot guarantee assistance with the arrangements or implementation.
  • If you require accommodations for an exam outside of Wharton, please follow the exam scheduling protocol arranged by SDS (see here).
  • SDS and the MBAPO take academic integrity very seriously. Faculty will be notified of any irregularities that occur during an exam.