Co-Curricular Opportunities

Diversify your experiences and enhance your academic portfolio

With our many co-curricular opportunities, you will have the chance to maximize your MBA in ways you never thought possible. With opportunities that span over a couple of weeks to an entire semester, there is something for everyone.

Semester in San Francisco

Combine classroom instruction with extracurricular activites and various kinds of engagement with the regional economy to create a cohesive educational experience.

International Exchange

Our students have the option of applying to spend a semester, or in some cases, a half-semester at one of 19 international business schools, earning credit towards your MBA.

Global Immersion Program

Be exposed to a one- to -two-week immersion experience over winter or spring break and learn about the foreign business environment in locations across the globe.

Global Modular Courses

Offered during winter, spring and summer break, GMCs are intensive courses offered in locations across the world, providing global context to important topics in business.

Opportunity Weeks

Opportunity Weeks now provide four dedicated time periods in which additional courses, programming and other unique experiences will be offered*.

*Credit bearing or otherwise

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