If you are struggling in your core courses, we encourage you to first use all available course resources, such as instructor and TA office hours, recitations and review sessions. However, we recognize that sometimes you will need more one-on-one assistance. In response, the MBA Program Office has set up Tutor@Wharton, an online tutorial service to help you find available tutors.

Who tutors? The tutors are fellow MBA students, usually in their 2nd year who have proven their mastery of the course material. We have also asked Wharton PhD students to join the pool of available tutors.

Cost: The MBA Program Office acts as a tutor broker, but you are responsible for paying your tutor. Generally, one-on-one tutoring varies in cost and you will note that some tutors indicate a price range; the price per person should drop for group sections.

Process for finding a tutor: Choose which course you need help with then click “Search.” The search results page will provide you with available tutors’ email addresses and possibly phone numbers as well as details on any individual or group sessions the tutor is currently running with open seats. It is then up to you to get in touch with the tutor and negotiate fees, meeting times, and so on. You might consider emailing two or three tutors at once to speed the process of finding one; please allow a few days for each to respond, as second-years are busy too! A warning: don’t wait until just before an exam; be proactive as tutoring slots can fill up quickly for some courses.

You may be negotiating with more than one potential tutor. You should find out how many courses or what experience the tutor brings to the subject. Find out whether his/her teaching style will suit you. It would be wise to confirm, in advance, how much time this student can devote to tutoring. You don’t want to be in a position of needing assistance at the time that your tutor might be busy with his or her job search, Follies, or conference responsibilities.

If you have questions about the process or problems using the interface, please email us at tutor@wharton.upenn.edu.