How It Works

The requirements for the Master of Business Administration degree are as follows:


MBA Program Breakdown

The Wharton MBA degree requires 19 course units (CUs) of graduate-level courses, up to four of which may be taken with an approved Penn academic program outside of Wharton. All 19 CUs must be taken while registered in Wharton MBA program coursework, with the exception of coursework taken in approved dual degree programs. Students may take up to 21 CUs of coursework without incurring additional tuition charges. The MBA program is designed for a full-time residency consisting of four academic terms; fall and spring over two years.

Curriculum Planning and Academic Advising

Worried about scheduling courses? Don’t be! Your academic advisor will meet with you during Pre-Term to help you map out the plan that meets your goals. For preliminary questions, feel free to contact MBA Academic Affairs.

The Details

Core Curriculum

Wharton’s academic departments have designed a rigorous core curriculum that will teach you the essential skills and concepts that alumni of the Wharton MBA program are expected to have mastered. More

Majors & Academic Departments

All MBA students are required to fulfill the course requirements of at least one major. The program offers 21 MBA majors. Typically five credit units, specified by the academic department, are required to satisfy a major. More


Wharton’s curriculum offers a broad range of elective courses in each of its ten academic departments. More

Multiple Majors

If you pursue more than one major, you must complete the requirements for each major. However, students are permitted to count up to a maximum of 2.0 CUs (course units) of cross-listed electives across majors. See more information on our Majors page.

Non-Wharton Courses

To find more information on courses at Penn, visit Path@Penn. To enroll, please email the course and section number (e.g. EDUC 5050-001) to

Dual Degrees

Customize your academic experience by pursing a dual degree program with one of Penn’s other Schools. Wharton also has dual degree programs with Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and Harvard Kennedy School. More

Independent Study Projects

Students, under the supervision of a faculty member, can register for an Independent Study Project (ISP) for course credit in order to pursue an area of special interest that may not be covered by a course in the curriculum. Permission to count an ISP towards a major require instructor and departmental approval. Ordinarily, you may take only 1CU of ISP per semester. Permission to take more than one independent study must be received in advance from the Office of Academic Affairs. ISPs are not permitted to be taken pass/fail.

Language Study

You may earn credit towards the MBA degree by taking a language course at the University. Generally, degree credit is offered only for language course work completed at the Advanced or Business level.

Courses and Career Tags

Looking for courses that will help you reach your professional goals? In conjunction with MBA Career Management, the Graduate Alumni Board, and faculty from all academic departments, we have developed this resource to help you choose an academic plan that is tailored to your future career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my major?

To update your major, please complete the following form.

How do I drop a course?

You can drop a course via Course Match. Go to the “My Courses” tab and click the red button next to the course.

How many cross listed courses can I count to multiple majors?

You can count up to 2 CU of cross listed courses to two majors.

How many credits do I need to graduate?

MBA students must complete 19 CU of graduate level course work, of which 15 CU must be Wharton courses.

How do I schedule an Academic Advising Appointment?

Click here to access the Academic Advisor Appointment Scheduler.

I have a quick question. Do Academic Advisors take walk-in appointments?

Between 12:00pm-1:00pm and 3:00pm-4:00pm every Monday through Thursday, you can visit the MBA Program Office (JMHH 300) for walk-in academic advising.

Academic Policies

The Wharton MBA Academic Policies page is a complete listing of the most current academic policies and procedures for matriculated students.