Dual Degrees

Many Wharton MBAs choose to extend their education beyond the Wharton School. Consider customizing your MBA experience with one of the dual-degree or interdisciplinary options Wharton offers with the University of Pennsylvania and other schools below.

Partnerships with Other Schools

Wharton offers established dual-degree programs with Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and Harvard Kennedy School.

Wharton + School of Advanced International Studies Dual Degree

This three-year, MBA/MA dual-degree program, offered by Wharton and the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of The Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C., prepares students to operate in both business and the international political environment. Students earn an MBA from Wharton and an MA in international relations from SAIS, a program that pioneered area studies and the integration of international politics and economics. While in Washington, students have access to Washington’s resources and to leaders in foreign policy and international trade.

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3

Semester 1

Semester 2

Applicants must begin the Wharton part of their program in Pre-Term, and conferral of each degree is contingent upon completion of all requirements for the other program. Students with less preparation in their chosen field of study or in their language requirement may need additional time to complete the SAIS degree.

Applicants should apply within the cycle directly preceding the year they would like to begin at Wharton. All requests for deferral will be considered within Wharton’s deferral policy.

Wharton + Harvard Kennedy School Dual Degrees

These three-year, dual-degree programs, offered by Wharton and the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) prepare students to operate in both business and public policy or public administration fields. The dual degree option with Wharton allows students to complete the HKS portion of their dual degree over three semesters. The table below shows the pathway for students completing the MPA degree, which involves splitting the second year between the two schools. The MPA/ID and MPP pathways differ in that they require a full year at each school first with the third year split between the two.

Year 1


Year 2

Semester 1

Semester 2

Year 3


  • The Master in Public Administration (MPA2) prepares its graduates for positions of significant responsibility in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. The program’s curriculum lends itself to individual tailoring with guidance from HKS faculty and administrators.
  • Geared to the future leaders in the field of international development, the Master in Public Administration/International Development (MPA/ID) is an economics-centered, multidisciplinary program, combining analytical and quantitative methods with an emphasis on policy and practice.
  • The Master in Public Policy (MPP) equips future leaders with a conceptual framework and the specific skills they will need to be successful in public service. The initial emphasis of the curriculum is on building a strong conceptual foundation for analysis, management, and advocacy.

Applicants must fill out applications to both schools during the first year at either school or simultaneously before enrolling at either school. The two degrees may not be completed sequentially. Applicants should apply to Wharton during the application cycle directly preceding their desired Wharton start date. All requests for deferral will be considered within Wharton’s deferral policy.

12+ Interdisciplinary Programs List

You can combine your MBA with a degree from one of University of Pennsylvania’s top-rated graduate and professional schools.

Program Schools Degrees conferred Class Schedule
MBA/MA Lauder Joint Degree in International Studies The Wharton School
Penn School of Arts and Sciences
MBA/MA in International Studies 24 months
begins in May with immersion
MBA/JD Joint Degree The Wharton School
Penn Law
MBA/JD 3 years
begins in Law School
MBA in Health Care Management The Wharton School MBA 22 months
Wharton/SAIS The Wharton School
Johns Hopkins University Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
MBA/MA in International Relations 3 years
begins in Wharton Pre-Term


The Wharton School
Harvard Kennedy School
MBA/MPA or MPP 3 years
begin either at Wharton or Harvard
Wharton/Dental The Wharton School
Penn Dental Medicine
MBA/DMD 5.5 years
4 years Dental, 3 semesters MBA
Wharton/Design The Wharton School
Stuart Weitzman School of Design
Varies, 3-4 years
Wharton/Education The Wharton School
Graduate School of Education
MBA/MSEd in Education Policy
MBA/MSEd in Education Entrepreneurship
2 years
2 years, including 2 summer sessions


The Wharton School
Penn School of Engineering and Applied Science
Varies, 4-6 semesters
Wharton/Environment The Wharton School
Penn School of Arts and Sciences
MBA/MES 3 years or less
Wharton/Medicine The Wharton School
Penn Medicine
MBA/MD Varies
Wharton/Nursing The Wharton School
Penn Nursing
Wharton/Social Work The Wharton School
Penn School of Social Policy and Practice
MBA/MSW Varies
Wharton/Veterinary Medicine The Wharton School
Penn Veterinary Medicine