Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive from admitted students to the Wharton MBA Program.

If you don’t find an answer to your question, contact us.

Deferrals & Extensions

Does Wharton allow students to defer their admission or request an extension on their deposit deadline?

All deferral and extension requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, and it is our general practice not to grant deferrals and extensions, except in extenuating circumstances. Students who wish to request a deferral or extension are encouraged to contact our office via email at Please note that (1) all deferral requests will be reviewed after the deposit deadline, and (2) no extension requests will be considered within 10 business days of a Wharton MBA deposit deadline.

What types of deferrals are/are not granted?

It depends! As we’ve mentioned above it is our general practice not to grant deferrals and extensions, except in extenuating circumstances. However, there are circumstances that occur that are beyond anyone’s control and foresight. Circumstances such as military orders, (H1B and L1) – Green Cards, some severe health concerns, and the inability to enter the United States (despite documented best efforts) due to visa or immigration-related difficulties are some of the reasons deferrals could be granted. Requests to continue or accept employment opportunities or seek new funding sources are typically not granted.

How likely am I to receive a deferral?

It’s rare. We expect prospective students to plan ahead and apply to the Wharton MBA program when they are prepared to spend the following two years as a full-time student. If you foresee yourself unable to begin the MBA program in the year you are applying for, then we encourage you to reconsider the feasibility of attending Wharton.

Can I receive an Enrollment Deposit refund if I am not granted a deferral and choose to withdraw from Wharton?

No. All deposits made toward joining the Wharton MBA program are nonrefundable, including the $2,000 enrollment deposit and the $8,000 deferral deposit fee required after a deferral has been granted. All deposits are required in anticipation of admitted students entering the MBA program.  We recommend any student who is very hesitant in parting with the non-refundable $2,000 enrollment deposit because they have a desire to continue exploring other opportunities strongly consider withdrawing and reapplying to Wharton when they can commit to the MBA program.

Can I have a decision made regarding my deferral request prior to the enrollment deposit deadline?

No. All deferral requests will be reviewed after the deposit deadline, as the Admissions Committee requires confirmation that students seeking deferrals will remain committed to the Wharton MBA program. If you believe you will be unable to join the MBA program without receiving a deferral, then you may email prior to the deposit deadline to discuss your situation and make a decision to pursue a deferral after the deadline or withdraw your admission ahead of paying the $2,000 deposit.

Is there a place where I can review the Deferral Terms and submit a request?

Yes. Students who wish to review the deferral terms and request form can view the terms here. Carefully read the terms and conditions explained in the form prior to submission. You can submit a deferral request only after you deposit, and by completing the form you are agreeing to the terms detailed therein.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about deferrals?

Please email us at

Is there a deadline for submitting a deferral request?

Yes. We will consider deferral requests up to August 5, 2024. Please plan and prioritize accordingly to the extent to which you are able.


What do I do after I submit my payment and release?

In most cases, you will not need to do anything. Some students (i.e. those from the military, those who are self employed, etc.) may be asked to provide the appropriate supporting documents. You will be contacted by a ReVera Services representative if this is the case.

Why do I need to send in the release? I thought Wharton already had the right to verify my application.

We do have the right to verify the veracity of information in your application at any time. This release protects you and the Wharton School by ensuring that our vendor, ReVera Services, complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What if I haven’t yet let my job know I’m leaving?

Please contact ReVera Services with an approximate timeline and we will make every effort to ensure you are not placed in an awkward position. You should contact ReVera Services at 617-661-6146 or

I am traveling for a few months prior to school. Do I need to do anything?

It would be helpful to leave ReVera Services an email contact where you could be reached if necessary, but you shouldn’t have to do anything that is deadline intensive other than submitting your payment and the release. You should contact

Is my student status affected by the pending verification?

No. You are an accepted student at the Wharton School.

Will my Visa application status be affected by the pending verification?

No. You are an accepted student at the Wharton School.

I tried to be as accurate as possible on the application, but I just realized that some of my dates may be off a little bit. Is this a problem?

Probably not. While all information in your application should be accurate, we understand that minor discrepancies sometimes occur due to inaccurate records, faulty memory, etc. Wharton will review all findings and contact the student if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.


What if I have not received my PennKey setup code?

Check the email address listed on your MBA Admissions application by checking the online application system. (Use the same username and password you were assigned during the admissions process.) If it is incorrect or no longer valid, please go to where you can request to have the setup code resent. Please note that this second attempt to send your PennKey setup code will be done through U.S. mail and sent to your address of record supplied in your application, not via email.

If your e-mail address is correct, send an e-mail to Charicha Ford at to inform the Admissions Office that you never received a PennKey email. We will further investigate and help facilitate the issuance of a new PennKey set-up code.

What if I forget my PennKey Password?

Reset your password using the “Challenge-Response,” option via the PennKey website:

If you did not select the “Challenge-Response” password reset option when you set up your PennKey, you will have to request a new PennKey setup code and initiate the entire process again through This unfortunately will take time as the setup code will be sent through U.S. mail to your address of record supplied in your application, not via email.

If you have discovered this just prior to Pre-Term registration deadline, please e-mail so that we may help you register for Pre-Term.

I have created my PennKey but still cannot access the Onboarding Checklist or the Waiver Module. What should I do?

Students must activate their Wharton accounts before receiving access to these platforms. Visit the Wharton Account Creator website and enter your PennKey username and password and follow the instructions to create your Wharton account. Note that it may take up to 1 business day after creating your Wharton account to receive access to the Onboarding Checklist.

What if my address has changed?

E-mail and with your new address. Please be certain to provide us with your name as listed on your MBA Admissions application. Include your new address, telephone number, e-mail address, and the date that the change will be effective.

In addition, to ensure that all departments across Penn have your most updated contact information, please first complete your Enrollment Form and set up your PennKey and password. Once you have a PennKey, you should login to PennInTouch to update your contact information. This will ensure that all departments across Penn have your most updated information.

What if my name has changed?

If your legal name has recently changed, please contact us at You will need to complete this change with the University Registrar and we will direct you. Note: The name on record with the University must correspond with your legal name and, for international students, the name on your passport and student visa documentation. If you wish to use a name other than the name on your MBA Admissions application, you may indicate this under the “Nickname” option when you complete your Pre-Term registration.

International Students

What should I put on my I-20 for the program's start date?

Please use August 5, 2024 as the program start date for your I-20 form.

Is there a Penn resource for new international students?

Yes, Penn International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) offers inclusive, innovative and impactful immigration and integration services.


Are there any costs to taking waiver exams and are there any limits to number of exams we can take?

No and no. Students can take any waiver exams for which they feel prepared, and there is no risk to doing so.

MBA Career Management

When can we begin scheduling meetings with career advisors?

MBACM advisors are eager to meet you, but are focused on supporting current students who are actively recruiting or preparing to transition to new jobs. One-on-one advising will start for WG26 in Pre-Term.

Dual Degree Programs

I have been accepted to a dual-degree program – what’s next?

If you have been accepted to a dual-degree program and are registering at Wharton for the upcoming academic year, please complete the Enrollment Form. Please note that we do not grant deferrals to begin a dual-degree program at another institution. If you have any questions about your dual-degree enrollment, please contact