Faculty and Staff

Faculty Director

The Faculty Director oversees the academic content of the GIP, sharing their academic, research, and regional expertise during on-campus lectures as well as throughout the travel component. Guest lecturers and area specialists recommended by the Faculty Director or invited by the MBA Program Office, may also conduct select on-campus lectures.  Previous guest lecturers have included faculty members from Wharton, Penn, Johns Hopkins University, among others. The Faculty Director will travel with each GIP to facilitate the reflective learning component of the program as well as grade the final capstone assignment.

Staff Directors

Leading each group is a Staff Director who is a member of the Wharton administration and whose primary role is official representative of the school.  The program director is involved in planning the study tour itinerary, in cooperation with the MBA Program Office and the program’s student coordinator(s), and ensures that program arrangements are realized en route.  The Staff Director also travels with the group, facilitating group decisions and serving as a formal link between the group and the university in case of emergencies.  The Staff Director will evaluate each student’s participation.

Student Coordinators

Student Coordinators are carefully selected current MBA students who have extensive living experience in the region(s) to be visited.  Student Coordinators are instrumental in delivering the program during the immersion. In collaboration with the MBA Program Office, they plan and set up company and organization visits that are to occur during the study tour, provide recommendations on local sites to visit, and largely shape the day-to-day itinerary.  In addition to being an interpreter of the local culture, the Coordinators serve as liaisons between student participants and the GIP staff to assist with program delivery and help manage any problems that might arise.