Travel Policies and Logistics

Travel Arrangements

Travel to and from the U.S.: Inter-program travel refers to travel from the U.S. to the first program country/city and, at the end of the program, the return flight from the last program country/city.  Participants make their own travel arrangements.  This allows students to tailor their travel arrangements according to their individual final exams and other commitments.

The sooner you confirm your participation in this program, the sooner you can finalize your international itinerary.  Participants must be present for the entire program, so do not make plans for travel that delays your arrival or causes you to depart prior to the last day of the program.

  • Travel between Program Cites:  The intra-regional airline tickets (travel between one program city/country to another) are covered by your program fee.  Participants must travel with the group between program cities/countries.  Depending on the domestic itinerary worked out for each group, transportation within each city and the surrounding area will be by train, chartered motor coach or public transit.
  • Accommodations: Overnight accommodations will differ from country to country, and may vary within each country depending on the locale.  Previous groups have stayed at a combination of moderately priced hotels and corporate training facilities, and efforts will be made to make similar arrangements for this year’s participants.  Rooms will be double occupancy.    All GIP participants are required to stay at the group accommodations.  Group accommodations are included in the program fee.  No reductions in the program fee and/or partial refunds can be made if you choose to travel or stay elsewhere on free days.

Travel Documents

  • Passport:  A valid passport is necessary for international travel.  A passport should be obtained as far in advance of the study tour as possible to allow time for processing.  Feel free to contact the GIP office for advice on obtaining a passport.
  • Visas:  Depending on your citizenship, visas may be necessary.  Visa fees are not included in the program cost.  GIP staff will recommend a service to facilitate the processing of visa applications along with necessary guidelines.  It is essential that participants meet all deadlines pertaining to visa applications and apply as far in advance of the study tour as possible to allow time for processing.
  • Insurance:  All registered participants must show proof of current health insurance coverage before departing on the study tour.  You should note that the student health insurance offered by the University of Pennsylvania is valid overseas.  The university contracts with International SOS to provide students, faculty, and administrators worldwide with emergency international medical, security and travel assistance (i.e.- referrals to medical clinics), managed and administered by International SOS.
  • Side Trips: Personal side trips during the study tour are at the participant’s risk and must be done with the knowledge of the program director.  No reductions in fare and/or partial refunds can be granted to participants who deviate from the group itinerary or who depart the program prematurely.

The Wharton School reserves the right to cancel any immersion program for any reason before the date of departure, including lack of sufficient enrollment.  In such cases, the Wharton School cannot assume the cost of individual travel arrangements made by participants.  For this reason, it is highly recommended that travel insurance be purchased.

For persons who depart early due to medical or bereavement reasons, there is no guarantee of a refund but every effort will be made to recover all remaining accommodation and travel expenses.  Note: This will not be known until after the program concludes.