MBA Individualized Major

You may find that your course choices do not fit within the standard majors at Wharton. In this case you may plan an individualized major as an alternative to the existing majors. Wharton offers this option for students who have specific, carefully determined interdisciplinary interests and wish to acquire depth in an area not adequately covered by any of the existing majors. To pursue an individualized major, you must propose a theme, course plan, and title for the major and describe how the proposed courses address the theme. You should submit this proposal on an Individualized Major Request form to a faculty member for approval. Completed forms should be submitted to the MBA Program Office in 300 Jon M. Huntsman Hall for final approval. When possible, this form should be submitted toward the end of the third semester in the MBA Program.

The following rules apply to individualized majors:

  1. An individualized major must be a sole major; it may not be pursued in conjunction with an existing major.
  2. The title of the individualized major must not sound like “general management” or like an existing major or combination of existing majors.
  3. Your proposal for the individualized major must be approved by a faculty member in the relevant field and an administrator in the MBA Program Office.