Exchange FAQs

When can I go on exchange?

Students can go on international exchange program after their first year at Wharton, including summer term.

If I go on summer exchange after my second year, will I graduate in May?

Students going on exchange in after their second year will graduate in August. They are allowed to fully participate in graduation ceremony prior to leaving.

How is tuition for exchange semesters handled?

Tuition for exchange programs are covered under 21 credit unit scheme. Students are only responsible for living/travel arrangements.

Can exchange courses fulfill Wharton core requirements?

No. Both fixed and flex core requirements must be completed at Wharton.

How many courses am I expected to take while on exchange?

Students participating in full semester exchanges should take a minimum of 4 Wharton credit units (in partner school’s equivalent). Summer and quarter long exchanges require 2 Wharton credit units.

Do I have access to the host school’s career services?

Yes. This means that students have access to region-specific resources and host-school contacts and job postings during the period of exchange.

How can I find out more about exchange programs?

Every semester and during Preterm, presentations are given about the exchange programs. There is also an Exchange Student Reception held each semester, that will allow you to speak with incoming exchange students and Wharton students who have gone on exchange. Additionally, you can sign up to be a “buddy” to an incoming exchange student.