Marketing Management

Understanding the Marketing Management Fixed Core Requirement

This course addresses the management challenge of designing and implementing the best combination of marketing actions to carry out a firm’s strategy in its target markets. Specifically, the course seeks to develop your skills in applying the analytic perspectives, decision tools, and concepts of marketing to business decisions.

Waiver Process

Waiving by Credential

To waive or substitute the Marketing Management fixed core requirement by credential, a student must have completed an Introduction to Marketing or Marketing Strategy course at a four-year college. To waive MKTG 6110 altogether, the course must have included decision-oriented case analyses with analytical rigor and the student must have earned a grade of ‘A-‘ or better.

Permission to substitute the Marketing Management fixed core requirement by taking an upper-level elective marketing course of 0.5 credit units or more (which must be taken for a letter grade – not pass/fail) will be given only to students meeting the above criteria, except that the required grade is ‘B+’ or better.

Documenting Your Credentials

You must highlight/annotate the courses to be considered for waiver by credential on your uploaded transcript, as well as provide supporting documentation (syllabi, textbook information, etc.) for your request to be considered. When uploading a copy of the syllabus, include the title and author of textbooks used in the class, and also the titles of the cases analyzed. Failure to supply this information in the format requested will result in your credentials being declined.