Next Steps

To assist you during this exciting time, we created this checklist to help you stay organized.
Each checklist item is important to your successful transition to Wharton.

Step 1

Make your Deposit

Your enrollment decision form and a deposit of $1,000 are due by 5:00 pm ET on Thursday, August 1, 2024.

Log in to your Wharton online application. Your online application account includes a link to the enrollment form. Please complete and submit the enrollment form.

If we do not hear from you by the appropriate deadline, we must assume that you have declined our offer.

Step 2

Begin Verification Process

Log into your Wharton Online Application to view information regarding our verification process, which is conducted for Wharton by ReVera. Your checklist includes instructions on how to start the verification process.

 you will be sent an email from  that will include a link to start your verification. You will be prompted to enter your date of birth and the email address used in your application. Students will receive a confirmation email from ReVera immediately following successful payment of the $115.00 fee and submission of the authorization form. Deadlines for submitting authorizations and fees to ReVera are 5:00 pm ET on August 1, 2024.

We will not contact any current full-time employer until your year of matriculation to the Wharton MBA program.

The verification process is routine for all admitted students.

Step 3

Submit Official Transcripts and Test Scores

If you self-reported your test scores at the time of your application, and have not sent the official versions to the Wharton MBA Admissions Office via the test provider, you need to do so by the enrollment deadline.

  • Wharton’s GMAT code: G56-97-73
  • Wharton’s GRE code: 6802-5199
  • Wharton’s TOEFL code: 2926-02
  • PTE: Email your scores to Wharton MBA Program at

Sending Official Transcript(s) to Wharton MBA Admissions

  • For electronic copies of official transcripts: An official electronic PDF copy of your transcript can be sent to Wharton. Please send official electronic copies directly to Charicha Ford at
  • For paper copies of official transcripts: When requesting an official paper copy of your transcript, please use the regular postal service. Transcripts should be sent to the attention of:

Charicha Ford
MBA Admissions & Financial Aid
Vance Hall, Suite 200
3733 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA, USA 19104

Step 4

Get Connected on Slack

You are invited to join the Moelis Advance Access Program’s Slack workspace. This online community allows you to engage with one another, all other Moelis Fellows, and gain access to Moelis Program events and resources.

Those who enroll in the Moelis Advance Access Program will maintain their Slack profile. Those who do not enroll at the time of the deadline will be removed from this instance of Slack.