Academic Preparation

Prior to your arrival to campus, you will be required to complete assessments which will position you for a smooth transition into your first semester of the MBA program. Please review the information on this page as it relates to these requirements and begin taking the steps to completion.

Math for Business

The Math for Business course will supplement your preparation for the Wharton academic experience. You can study the modules at your own pace and review the video material as you see fit. Math for Business will also prepare you for a diagnostic exam to be taken at the end of course, which is mandatory for all entering MBA students. This course is hosted on Canvas, the University of Pennsylvania’s online learning management system. You will need your PennKey and password to login to the system.

Writing Requirement

In every aspect of business, writing well is critical to leading teams and effecting change (perhaps even more so given recent events). To ensure that MBA students excel at this essential communication skill, Wharton, in response to feedback from alumni, recruiters, and faculty, instituted a writing requirement.

The first component of this requirement is the online writing waiver exam, which all students must complete by July 17.

More information about the writing requirement and waiver exam can be found on the Communication Program’s website.

Basics of Financial Accounting

If you have never taken a university-level accounting class, you will be required to take Basics of Financial Accounting over the summer to get ready for accounting at Wharton. This course takes approximately 5 hours to complete and should be completed before the start of the fall semester.