Opportunity Weeks

Wharton MBA Opportunity Weeks provide students with valuable time to explore unique programming throughout the semester, both credit-bearing and extracurricular. Scheduled at several intervals throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to explore domestic and international programming that would not otherwise be available during the semester. These periods can be found within the 2022-2023 academic calendar.

Existing programs, such as Global Immersion Programs, Global Modular Courses and Leadership Ventures will utilize Opportunity Weeks.

We are actively working to finalize programming for the upcoming year, being mindful of COVID-19 restrictions and protocols. Please check our page as well as the respective programs periodically for more information. All programs are subject to change or cancellation.

2022-2023 Opportunity Weeks Schedule

October 17-21, 2022

MGMT 8970: Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the New Space Era

Professor Rahul Kapoor | Virtual

OIDD 6540: Product Management

Professor Karl Ulrich | Wharton San Francisco Campus

January 9-13, 2023

MGMT 8970: Impact Hack: An Analysis to Education Access and Completion

Professors Tyler Wry & Katherine Klein | Wharton Philadelphia Campus

BEPP 8930: Business Analytics with Data for Non-Coders

Professor Kent Smetters | Wharton Philadelphia Campus

BEPP 8930 Syllabus

March 6-10, 2023

MKTG 8530: The Business of Wellness: Marketing & Consumption

Professor Annie Wilson | Wharton Philadelphia Campus

MKTG 8530 Syllabus

May 1-5, 2023

OIDD 6670: AI, Business, and Society

Professor Kartik Hosanagar | Virtual


OIDD 6670 001
0.5 CU

Providing an overview of AI and its role in business transformation, the purpose of this course is to improve understanding of AI, discuss the many ways in which AI is being used in the industry, and provide a strategic framework for how to bring AI to the center of digital transformation efforts.

A brief technical overview will be provided for students not actively immersed in AI, including Big Data, data warehousing, datamining, machine learning, etc. We will consider business applications of AI in Media, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and other industries. We will also consider how AI can be used as a source of competitive advantage. The course will conclude with a discussion of ethical challenges and a governance framework for AI.

No prior technical background is assumed but some interest in (and exposure to) technology is helpful. While we might “look” at code in a session or two, students will not be coding in this course.