Core Requirement Evaluation Process FAQs

Should I highlight courses for consideration for waiver/placement by credential?

Absolutely, yes! We ask that you highlight courses for consideration on your uploaded transcript so that evaluators can provide timely feedback. Transcripts that do not contain highlighted courses will not be reviewed.

If I successfully pass a waiver exam, does this reduce the total number of credit units that I am required to complete?

No, it  does not.  Nineteen (19) graduate level course units (CU) are required for the MBA degree. If you waive out of core requirements, you must satisfy the waived course units with electives.

If I have taken Undergraduate courses at Penn, do I still have to provide a transcript?

Yes, because a file must be uploaded in order to create an academic profile in the Waiver Evaluation Module, we will require you to upload a transcript. However, if you have taken undergraduate courses at Penn, an unofficial transcript is sufficient.

What if I no longer have access to syllabi to support my waiver application?

An updated syllabus of the course may suffice. We will contact you if we need supporting information.

My undergraduate syllabi are not in English. Do I need to provide an official translation?

Yes. A translation of the syllabus to English is required; however it does not need to be translated by a certified translation company.

What if it has been more than five years since I have taken Accounting?

If you do not satisfy the criteria required to submit credentials to waive a course, you should take the waiver/placement exam to prove your expertise in the material.

I do not see the option to submit waiver credentials for some courses. Do all courses offer the waiver by credential option?

For some courses (i.e. MGEC 6110), waiving by credentials is not an option.  In that case, you should take the exam.

When will we hear back regarding waiver by credential decisions?

For credentials submitted by June 17, results should be returned June 28.  For credentials submitted by July 22, results should be returned July 26.

What happens if I receive a low score on a waiver or placement exam?

There is no penalty for a low score on the waiver and placement exams. If you do not pass an exam, then you will need to take the core course.

If I am only submitting work credentials for consideration for waivers, do I still need to upload a transcript in my profile?

Yes – we require that students upload these materials, especially in the event that academic credentials are considered in conjunction with work credentials.

How do we upload our credentials for review?

You can upload your credentials via the Evaluation Module. Once it is determined that you are eligible to submit credentials for review, you can create an academic profile and upload supporting documentation. When uploading transcripts, please be sure to highlight or annotate the courses you are requesting for review, while also including the respective syllabi and other supporting information you might have.

Please note: the waiver module only allows students to submit one document at a time. Therefore, if submitting multiple credentials (e.g., transcript, resume, syllabus), you will have to repeat the steps for uploading documentation.