Corporate Finance


These courses serve as an introduction to business finance (corporate financial management and investment) for both non-majors and majors preparing for upper-level coursework. The primary objective is to provide a framework, concepts, and tools for analyzing financial decisions based on fundamental principles of modern financial theory.


While it is not possible to waive the Corporate Finance requirement in its entirety, students will have the option to replace the class with any upper-level finance course if they have met ONE of the following criteria:

1) Completed a college level course in corporate finance with a grade of B+ or better  

2) Have passed all three CFA exams

Students who meet the above criteria will be permitted to substitute the Corporate Finance core class by completing any upper-level finance course. The substitution class can be taken at any time during the student’s four semesters.

In the Pre-Evaluation period, the transcripts submitted in students’ admissions applications were reviewed for the above academic criteria, as well as CFA completion. Students who have met these criteria will see that the have been approved for a Corporate Finance substitution by credential.

If you feel that you have met one of these criteria but did not receive pre-approval for a substitution, you have the option of submitting additional information to have your credentials reevaluated. Please use the Additional Information option in the Evaluation Module.



FNCE 6110: Corporate Finance (Instructors may vary)

Substitution Course Syllabi