Regression Analysis for Business


The Statistics fixed core requirement develops ideas for helping to make management decisions using regression analysis a fundamental statistical methods. The ideas in this course reappear in many other MBA classes, and are part of the basic “tool kit” expected of all MBAs in their careers.

Specific important topics covered include least squares estimation, residuals and outliers, tests and confidence intervals, correlation and autocorrelation, co-linearity and randomization. The presentation relies heavily on computer software for most of the needed calculations, and the resulting style focuses on construction of models, interpretation of results, and critical evaluation of assumptions.

The Statistics Department recognizes the varying degrees to which incoming students have been exposed to statistical analysis in a classroom setting. While we encourage only those students who have recently completed substantial work in statistics to waive core coursework entirely, we recognize that some students are equipped to begin their study of statistics at a more advanced level. We therefore invite those students who have studied statistics prior to matriculation at Wharton to consider the half-credit unit course, STAT 6210, which covers the statistical methodology known as regression analysis and presupposes a student’s knowledge of the fundamental methods of statistical analysis.


Very few students (typically fewer than 20 each year) waive statistics by credentials. Waiver by credential is intended only for students who major or minor in statistics or data science.

In the Pre-Evaluation period, the transcripts submitted in students’ admissions applications were reviewed for the above academic criteria. Students who have met these criteria will see that they have been approved for a Regression Analysis waiver by credential.

If you feel that you have met these criteria but did not receive pre-approval for a waiver, you have the option of submitting additional information to have your credentials reevaluated. Please use the Additional Information option in the Evaluation Module.


Most students who pass the waiver exam will have recently completed a full-year course in business statistics that heavily emphasized regression analysis. Be aware that the waiver exam, like STAT 6130, focuses upon the interpretation and critique of statistical results with most of the calculation left to the computer. For example, the waiver exam includes questions regarding the violation of assumptions that underlie regression coefficients. Students who are able to pass the waiver exam tend to share the following characteristics:

  1. They have had a course in regression within the past two or three years;
  2. The focus of their course work has been the interpretation and critique of statistical methods rather than the memorization of formulas and grind-it-out calculation;
  3. They understand the underlying assumptions of statistical procedures like regression and know how to check the assumptions;
  4. They are familiar with multiple regression in particular and some features of the analysis of variance.

You are permitted to bring a calculator to the waiver exam, though it will not be very useful.

Exam Preparation:

Registration for the exam provides access to the exam’s Canvas site with Prep Course, when available. 


Students who possess a mastery of the concepts outlined in the prerequisites for the STAT 6210 course must prove that mastery by passing a placement exam administered prior to Pre-Term in order to register for STAT 6210. Students may not place into STAT 6210 by credential. You are permitted to bring a calculator to the placement exam, though it will not be very useful.

Students who wish to review the prerequisite material for STAT 6210 and thus prepare for the placement exam are encouraged to enroll in STAT 6080, a preparatory course for the placement and waiver examinations. Students who intend to sit for the placement exam are encouraged though not required to participate in this preparatory course. STAT 6080 has now been launched, and registration for this course will take place during Pre-Term registration.

Exam Preparation:

Registration for the exam provides access to the exam’s Canvas site with Prep Course, when available.